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Thank you Victoria for your amazing review of my book on !


Nick Sharratt (Illustrator)

Victoria Simmons's review May 28, 2022 It was amazing! This is such a great book. I love the fact that it tells the story of a child who has to be taken into care and the emotional ups and downs that this created. I also love that the story is not sensationalised and is very much focused on what Charlie is experiencing rather than everyone else. I think there is a strong message to social care and the other adults who work with looked after children that we need to be better and telling the children what is going on rather than keeping quiet to protect them. Children always aware of much more than we think they are. I think it s great that Rico has been able to share his own experiences through this book. It is really well written and I can't wait to share it with the children at my school. I think it's a book that should be available in all school libraries. The illustrations are great and it has such a powerful message of being strong but also allowing yourself to acknowledge when you're feeling scared, confused and sad. I also really like the way Rico talks about using football as a way to help himself feel better and I know this would book would be a great way to spark off conversations about mental health and the strategies other children use to help themselves feel better when they're anxious.

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